Creating With Words

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Things have not been going smoothly.

My personal life is all out of whack and my writing is suffering because of it. I don’t want to complain because things could be much, much worse. In fact they have been.

Today, I wrote for the first time in nearly a week. Actual writing. Not just note-taking. Losing myself in the story released a lot of tension.

Part of what I’m doing right now is going through and polishing the work. Finding overused words and reworking them. Cutting out repeated phrases and words. Making sure the pace is steady. Getting rid of clichés. It can be tedious, but it’s very satisfying. Especially when the rest of your life is a little out of synch. Words I can correct. Illness and financial woes I have little control over.

As I move through my manuscript, I discover places to add information and pump up the emotion. Adding layer upon layer of story to create something others will want to read. This is what I do well. Create with words.