Contest Jitters

Photo courtesy of Tara Herron and Stock.xchng

It’s August! Can you believe it? Back in February, I could hardly wait for this month to arrive. Why? I entered my short story Miltonia Butterflies into The Writer 2012 Short Story Contest. I thought the waiting would be tough, and it was at first. But after the initial nerves subsided, I hardly thought of it.

Winners are to be notified on or around August 15 and two weeks after that an email will be sent to all entrants announcing the winners. My nervousness is back. I’ve sent my baby out into the world to be judged, and like any proud mother I want the world to see the goodness I created. Oh, but I fear my baby will be found lacking in the eyes of the judges.

It’s been years since I entered a contest or submitted anything for publication. This has been a big step for me. What will I do if it is rejected? Well, truth be told, it’s in another contest as well, the results of which will be announced in September.

I’ve been wondering if I should continue to submit it or go ahead and self-pub as I did with two other short stories. Part of me wants the validation from a contest win. Does that make me vain?

There’s plenty of time to worry about that. For now, I’ll wait on pins and needles, hoping for that email telling me that my baby has won.

  • dochappy

    Good Luck on your entries, I hope the story fare wells. Like you said even if the contest doesn’t end in your favor you can always self publish.

    I’ve always wanted to enter contests but the ones I end up finding either aren’t in America or it seems a bit fishy(too good to be true)

    • M. Frye

      Thanks for the well wishes, Dale! There are tons of contests out there and you’re right, some are a little fishy. Are you a member of They have a huge listing of contests. If you haven’t already you should check it out.