Confessions of a Writer

I’ve had a really rough time coming up with ideas recently. Confession: I’m dealing with health issues. Today, I have an ultrasound scheduled and will know more later. Suffice it to say, I’m in a lot of pain and it is very distracting. Although I’m disabled by frequent, debilitating migraines, this is altogether different. I haven’t learned to work around it yet.

That being said, it took some time, and a lot of conversations with myself, to come to the conclusion that I can’t do anything about it so I may as well clear my mind and let my creativity take over. Should have been obvious, I know.

So, I pulled out my files of images clipped from magazines, chose a couple, gave them names and began to create stories around them. It was great! I love it when the creative juices start flowing. I also found a file with an idea in it that I put aside a while back. I’m excited about working on it.

Hopefully, this illness won’t be serious and will be easily remedied. Regardless, I plan to keep my creative mind open to new ideas.

What dampens your creativity and how do you overcome?