Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When you begin reading a sequel to a book you really loved, there is always that fear it won’t measure up. Fortunately, Pandemonium, the sequel to Delirium, did not disappoint.

“I’m pushing aside the memory of my nightmare, 
pushing aside thoughts of Alex, 
pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school, 
like Raven taught me to do. The old life is dead. But the old Lena is dead too. I buried her. I left her beyond a fence, behind a wall of smoke and flame.”

Lena has found herself in a new world. A forbidden existence. A new life where struggle is a daily companion. But, she’s free to feel, to learn and believe of her own volition. She is no longer controlled by a government bent on wiping love off the face of the Earth.

She also finds herself at the middle of a resistance, a plan to loosen the government’s grip on humanity. When things go wrong, she must use her wits to survive and help another, one with different beliefs, do the same.

Pandemonium is electric. Lena’s inner turmoil seeps inside you and forces you to look at this world through her eyes. She is a spectacular character with hard edges and soft contours. I can’t adequately describe how much I liked this book. I exploded into action when I read the last page. When is the next book due to be released? I want it now!

I had one problem with the structure of the book, though it didn’t lessen my enjoyment. It repeatedly switches back and forth between past and present. I saw no reason for this particular format. The plot and story would have unfolded just as easily had it been written in a linear progression.

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