Author Spotlight: Zizi Sadie

Zizi Sadie


Zizi Sadie is a pseudonym. She enjoys fiction and poetry as much as she does photography. Hangers, Shoeboxes and Love is her first published fiction and she is working on a sequel.
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MF: Tell us a little about yourself.
ZS: Aside from writing, I love photography and in particular, have a fondness for sunrises and sunsets of the different seasons. I have a vast collection of pictures of these, spring mornings and winter evenings being among my favourites. I also love pictures of skylines and landscapes.

MF: What sparked the idea for Hangers, Shoeboxes and Love?
ZS: To be candid, there was no ‘eureka’ moment really. I’d actually been writing a draft of a chick lit fiction with a totally different premise which didn’t seem to be going anywhere at the time before little bits of the idea behind Hangers, Shoeboxes and Love came to me, so I decided to tweak my storyline and was happier as it evolved.

MF: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
ZS: There isn’t any specifically, although I am aware there are strong leanings on the part of the protagonist toward fierce independence and self assertion. That said, if anyone out there finds a message within the book, I’d be quite happy to hear it.

MF: What made you choose to self-publish?
ZS: I didn’t get much hope from the literary agents I had contacted, though I have to say I got a teeny glimmer when I received a response from some of them, which told me they had looked at my manuscript at least. So when I became aware I could utilize a revolutionary platform, i.e. e-publishing, I took the chance with the faith that getting my work out there would be a good test of my story-telling ability.

MF: Who designed the cover?
ZS: Tatiana Vila

MF: What do you read?
ZS: Most genres, but I am more inclined toward literary fiction, Biographies, African literature and chick lit fiction. And oh, my guilty pleasure, Enid Blyton. I recently bought The Rockingdown Mystery at a book fair I attended.

MF:What do you re-read?
Mainly literary fiction with loads of humour in them. I especially love Frank McCourt (and wish he had written more books), Wole Soyinka, Anthony C. Winkler (I find his books hilariously descriptive) and Mark Twain; they are among my top favourites in this category.

MF: What is your favorite writing tip or quote?
ZS: Keep at it. It doesn’t matter whether I think I am writing rubbish- I write first, then sieve later. I have found that nearly every bit one writes can always be put to good use eventually.

MF: Are you currently working on another novel or writing project?
ZS: Yes. Sounds crazy, but two in fact within different genres, which thankfully I am able to juggle fairly all right.

MF: Do you have any advice for other writers?
ZS: Be supportive in any way possible to fellow writers.

MF: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
ZS: I hope they enjoy reading my book and their reviews would be most welcome because that really counts!

To Abby, life is one big rolling montage of pleasure: partying, a stylish wardrobe with fabulous clothes, shoes with precarious heels, and um, a bit of fun with charming men, till she encounters a little dilemma with her current married beau and his son who unexpectedly falls into the picture and for her. It does not make for a pretty viewing when Abby suspects her kid sister also has a thing for her beau’s son. Things get further complicated when the scorned wife discovers the affair and Abby gets a taste of ‘hell’s fury’. Can Abby untangle herself from the interwoven mess and crazy spiral her carefree life is fast becoming?

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