Author Spotlight: Tracy Kauffman

Tracy Kauffman


Tracy Kauffman is a fiction author from North AL. She has an associates degree in Applied Science of Nursing. She works part time as a registered nurse. She is married and has two children. As an author, Tracy wants to write books that will edify, encourage and be decent for children and young adults. She graduated Calhoun College with a Degree in applied science. She works at a nursing home with some fantastic elderly folks who inspire her. She loves hearing their interesting stories and often jokes that she has several mothers and fathers there. She wants to help bring joy to the world today by her books. She enjoys writing fiction fantasy books that would fit in the children and young adult sections of most book stores. She wants to leave a legacy behind of good values, morals, and beliefs to her children and others who have met her along the way.

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MF: Tell us a little about Tracy the person and Tracy the writer.
TK: I am a Christian girl who wants to live a quiet life with my family and enjoy traveling to different parts of the world. I work at a nursing home part time to pay the bills, but I am a devoted author the rest of the time. I want to write decent books for children and young adults. Too many authors out there talking about things they shouldn’t.
MF: What sparked the idea for your upcoming release, My Boyfriend the Squire?
TK: I love anything that deals with the middle ages including Squires, Knights, princesses and kings.
MF: Are there any messages in your novels that you want readers to grasp?
TK: I hope I portray how to show love for others. In My Boyfriend the Squire, it is a romantic epic with a different twist. It was written for the young adult reader, but anyone that enjoys epics or romance will love this book. It is considered fantasy because of what happens to the main character, Lucinda.
MF: You are using SBPRA to publish My Boyfriend the Squire. Tell us a little about your experience with them.
TK: I haven’t used them before because I am a new author, but they seem like they are on top of their game.
MF: Who designed the covers?
TK: I use the publishing companies, because I put my trust in them. Also, I don’t know of any artist that wouldn’t charge a fortune for this service.
MF: What do you read? What do you re-read?
TK: I’ve been reading books by Danielle Steel such as Betrayal and Legacy. Currentl I am reading the French Mistress, which is fascinating but a little on the not so clean list.
MF: What is your favorite writing tip or quote?
TK: I don’t really have a favorite, but I use a lot of author quotes on my twitter page.
MF: Are you currently working on another novel or writing project?
TK: Yes, I am working on a novel about a girl from the north that comes to live in the south with her uncle.
MF: Do you have any advice for other writers?
TK: Hang in there. I have to keep telling myself that too.
MF: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
TK: Order my books, because I know you will enjoy them once you order them. I have pretty good taste and If I think it is interesting, it probably is. (Is that conceited?)

Kay Harrison is a forty year old woman recalling her life. She remembers the fond memories she had as a child and later the trials that she overcame. She wished that she could return to that time when she was a child. She knew that she wasn’t as young as she once was. She met people from all walks of life. She wished she was that young twenty year old getting married, or that young girl that just had a baby. Kay missed her life as a teenager going on her first date. She knew she could never return to those days. Her life was not always easy, but it molded her into the woman she was. She felt at peace with herself. Kay remembered times when she had prayed and asked God for certain things in her life. She was glad that he left some prayers unanswered. She was happy and content with her life.

Gwen is a homely young girl with no friends until she meets her neighbor, Zahara. She soon discovers Zahara has a secret. Zahara has a parrot that can grant wishes. She tells Gwen about her special friend and instructs her on how to acquire her own special companion. Unsure of the truthfulness of what she was told, Gwen goes home and follows Zahara’s instructions. Soon she receives her very own parrot. He can grant wishes too. He tells her to think hard about what she wants her first wish to be. She goes home to think about her wish. She decides she doesn’t want beauty, because beauty wasn’t everything. Then she decides that she doesn’t want to ask for riches, because money and wealth wasn’t everything. The next day, she tells her parrot her wish. Even though her wish is a tall order, he grants her all her wish, because he wants her to love him, and she does. They become friends forever.