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Carlos-Martinez---PhotoAuthor Carlos Martínez Robalino was born June 9th, 1971 in the city of Riobamba, Ecuador. Ever since he was a child he had a tendency towards literary arts, so much that he won a poetry contest titled “El niño vendedor de periódicos” (translated as: The Boy Who Sold Newspapers). Later on, at age 15, he starts to write musical pieces, about 100 of them up to present day, – of which eight have been registered on vinyl- and then with the new digital technology, on CD. Movies were a constant outing, meeting up and chatting with friends. Hence why, music, writing and movies are all forms that Carlos has chosen to communicate and share with others his experiences. Raised in the generous soil of Latin America, he has walked those lands, connected with their nature and their people; this is why it’s so important for Carlos to stop forest deforestation which disrupts more and more of the planet’s ecosystem. Ever the traveller, he enjoys packing and unpacking suitcases. He’s been to Spain, visited Ávila Toledo, Segovia, and Barcelona among other Iberian cities. In France he was amazed by the radiant Paris, of which – he assures- he could write a brief guide of the most beautiful places, among them, the Seine River’s edge that was subject to his long nightly walks and the fascination of crossing bridges. In Puerto Rico he was captivated by two of its cities: San Juan and Ponce; by Santo Domingo and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. In Costa Rica, country in which he visited one amazing volcano after another, almost like a religious person visits a temple. He knows the entire East coast of the States as if he had been born there. If a thought could represent a man, this thought would be: “when I am, I don’t think; when I think, I am not here” as Carlos tends to say. And tells himself.

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MF: Tell us a little about Carlos Martinez the man and the writer.
CM: First of all, please allow me to salute all your readers! It’s a pleasure to virtually meet all of them! My name is Carlos Martinez Robalino and I can be best described as a charismatic, spontaneous and spiritual individual. I was born in Riobamba, Ecuador under the sign of Gemini, 41 years ago. I am a passionate author, a traveler and a devoted ecologist living in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA, where I share my home with my youngest brother and my beautiful niece. I derive joy from music, writing and movies, three forms in which I constantly communicate and share my experiences.

MF: You say The Eagle’s Journey is an easy to relate story about self discovery. What is the book about and how will it help the average reader?
CM: The premise of the plot is a young man discovering how the journey of the life of an eagle mirrors his personal journey as he travels through manhood. The spiritual journey my readers are invited to make is accompanied by the main characters of the novel, David and Peter, all along which allowed me, the author, to share with the public some life changing philosophies and ideas that have a great impact and challenged me as well as it will challenge them. The basis of action is the different trials and circumstances that interfere with Peter and David trying to capture footage of the eagle. David also struggles with living in the outdoors, while trying to learn all that he possibly can from Peter.

MF: What were your goals and intentions in this book, and how well do you feel you achieved them?
CM: I see writing as a gift of giving, therefore, I chose writing Self Discovery books as I truly believe I can bring a positive impact on people’s life by encouraging them to grow on a spiritual level. Writing this book became my therapy and I considered my first release a transformational quest for my own personal beliefs. Having this goals in mind, I honestly believe I achieved them; and I take this chance to invite all your readers to give my book a try – it’s a nice and quick read!

MF: What makes your book stand out from the crowd?
CM: I think that my book relates from a personal standpoint with its readers and connects on a deeper level with them. I have written this book with the sole purpose of having a positive impact on people and help them grow on a spiritual level. I believe these aspects to be the most important ones to make my book stand out from the crowd.

MF: What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
CM: Haha, that’s a tough one! I can’t really say that I had a tough criticism. Sure, I didn’t get only 5 star reviews, but the reviews were quite ok and I am so grateful for that. On the other hand, I did receive a review which was SO amazing that I still think of it and read it from time to time when I need motivation: “First of all, the beautiful way the author expresses himself is so wonderful to read. You are reading his journey and observations through the language barrier which makes this even more wonderful. The reason I say that is because if English isn’t your native language but you use it to express yourself for English readers that means you really have something extraordinary to share.

This author, Mr. Martinez, has such deep understandings of human nature and he is so eloquent with his “journey” of words; his words that paint his journey of life. This was such a step away from traditional books in reading. I felt like the author was storytelling and after awhile I could hear his voice through the way he writes. He writes like I imagine he talks. Its fluid and graceful but very monologue style.

The writing is so colorful and descriptive. Its perfect to me. It’s almost like poetry but it’s not. It’s just deep and beautiful reflections on life and people from a rare soul.

It’s easy to get over editing hang ups when such a beautiful prose comes out of a person. I really think you should read what he has to say because its so deep to me, so captivating. I loved this love love love.

The Eagle’s Journey is a journey of though-provoking circumstances and human nature itself that the author reflects on. I loved this so much. Thank you, Mr. Martinez, for sharing this with the world.”

MF: Name one person outside of your family that has supported your writing.
CM: I have a lot of good friends that supported me while writing my first story and I would like to thank them all. It’s because of them I have managed to finish and publish “The Eagle’s Journey.” It wouldn’t be fair to name only one – all of them were amazing! And my family – oh well, they were absolutely amazing!

MF: What do you read? What do you re-read?
CM: I could read and re-read on a daily basis “The power of now” written by Eckhart Tolle.

MF: What is your favorite writing tip or quote?
CM “When I am, I don’t think; When I think, I am not here”.

MF: Do you have any advice for other writers?
CM: To whoever reads this interview, my advice to you is to have confidence in your powers and to enjoy the journey wherever it may take you.

MF: If you could jump into a book, and live in that world … which would it be?
CM: This is a great question! Well, I would go with “The power of now” because it stresses the importance of living in the present moment, avoiding thoughts of the past or future.

[Book-Cover]-The-Eagle's-Journey Life is a constant search, a constant walk, where we learn, discover, find, assimilate, discard and more. Stories, real and imaginary that have every intention of giving us answers to unite time, existence and its reason; projecting towards happiness or wellbeing. Nonetheless, “The Eagle’s Journey” breaks the established paradigms in that we are not who we think we are. The path confuses us when we aren’t owners of our thoughts, but rather they own us. It’s hard to understand that perfect love is not the one we build in our mind; it’s the one that reveals itself when you convert it into consciousness.

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