Are You Blessed with an Abundance of Friendship?

My best friend called me the other night. It was one of those conversations where she needed to purge a lot of emotions, thoughts and toxic waste. My role in the conversation was to listen and ask the hard questions. This isn’t always an easy task. My dear friend doesn’t speak in a straight line.

It’s a running joke with us and really anyone that knows her. She starts talking about one subject, it melds into another and somehow she winds up back where she started. That’s an abbreviated description.

When the time came for our conversation to end she thanked me for letting her expel some of the tension she had been holding in. “It couldn’t make sense to anyone, but you,” she said. “You ALWAYS get me.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” I said.

You see, she and I met as young teenagers. She was thirteen and I was fourteen. That was thirty years ago. Thirty years of laughter and tears. Thirty years of anger and reconciliation. Thirty years of learning, accepting, supporting and playing devil’s advocate.

During the course of my lifetime I’ve met many people and a few of them have become close friends. People drift in and out of our lives. It’s just how things work. For a friendship to weather thirty years is extraordinary. I’m blessed.

My reason for sharing this story with you is simple. I want you to take a look at the people in your life, take stock of your relationships. I’m sure there are friends or family members that have contributed to your life in special ways. Whether they’ve been in your life for thirty years or thirty days, let them know you appreciate their presence.

  • I have a three friends I’ve known since we were eleven years old. Just starting Junior High. 35 years ago. Our birthdays are all in the same month and even though our lives have taken very different paths I cherish all three and feel blessed to still have relationships with all of them. Thanks for reminding me. =)

    • M. Frye

      Glad I could help. 😉