An Author’s Platform

Wow! What a week, so far. My personal life has been extremely hectic and yet I’ve found time to write. I’m proud of myself and am not ashamed to admit it.

I finished writing chapter two of my manuscript and have sent it to my critique partner. After the point of view change, things are flowing much smoother. I wrote a bare bones chapter then went back and filled in gaps, added backstory and fleshed things out a bit. I’ve been really tired but, the writing revived me. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Monday, I told you that I needed a create a schedule and stick to it. Well, the plan is to work on my novel during the week and short stories on weekends. That way, I get a break. It’s too easy for me to get bogged down or stressed when my focus is forced on one thing. This way, I’m dedicating my time to writing but not burning myself out on one project. Hey, I’m a creative person – don’t judge. 😉

I pulled out an old short story, made a few changes and sent it to my CP. She got back to me yesterday with her notes. So, this weekend’s project is waiting for me. This particular story is a fantasy/sci-fi piece. My first in that genre. My original idea was to write two, maybe three connected stories. I want to see how this first one goes over first.

Oh! I finally received the publicity shot that I unexpectedly had made. I just wanted to check on prices at Sear’s Portrait Studio because they have a special program for businesses. Well, the lady that worked there was bored and wanted to take pictures. They are running a special for a free 10×13. I told her what I was looking for and she took a few shots. Then, she convinced my mom to join me and shot a few of us together.

Of course, I chose one of my mom and me for the free photo. Isn’t that what I went there for? Uh, no. I couldn’t help it. I loved the picture! Maybe I’ll share it with you sometime. Anyhow, ordered an 8×10 for the publicity shot and scanned it. The cd with digital copies is just not in my budget right now. I plan to have my cousin take a few snapshots with my digital camera as soon as we can get the weather to cooperate and a time when we are both free.

My author platform is slowly taking shape. Hurray!

Remember to do your best each day and happy Writing.