A Well Pleased Writer

Brimming with ideas! My mind has been a wonderful place to hang out this week.

When my CP returned my novel’s first four chapters I was thrilled by the note she attached.

“The plot is rich & this draft flows really well.”

It also struck fear in my heart (how’s that for cliché?). My outline is skeletal. The major plot points and pinch points are identified but I’ve been doing mini-outlines of the scenes connecting them as I go. After reading Cresta’s note, I didn’t know what my next step would be.

So, Monday I let things ruminate. I created a playlist for a couple of characters and just basked in the their feelings for a while. By Monday evening I was scribbling notes; my mind was going so fast my hands couldn’t keep up. Exhilarating!

Unfortunately, I had appointments outside the home on Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, had to take care of things around the house. There just wasn’t enough time to write. No matter. Each day more ideas came to me and I made sure to jot them down. Today, I write.

Today, I’ll turn on my playlist and let those ideas spill onto the page. Today, I’ll take more steps toward the completion of my first novel. And if things like a migraine or laundry and lawn care pull me away from the computer, that’s alright. My mind will continue spinning the tale and when the time comes I’ll let it flow from my fingers onto the page.

I’m well pleased with the direction my writing has taken.

What about you? Are you pleased with where your writing is taking you?