A Disheartened Writer and Frustrated Reader

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This has been a terrible week for writing. My routine hasn’t changed. Before I do anything else, before email, before Triberr, before I open HootSuite, I open my novel and write. But, after I finished the climax the wind left me.

I know there are ends that need tied, but for some reason only a few sentences will come to me at a time. It’s disheartening.

My book habit is getting out of hand. I’ve been trying to find ways to get a hold of books I want to read without buying them. Sure the library is a great resource, but they don’t always have what I want.

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I decided to try a book swap website. PaperBackSwap.com to be exact. Seconds after I posted the books I wanted to swap, I got requests. The post office is going to love me.

It’s such a great idea. Swapping books. But, the ones I wanted aren’t available yet. I put them on my wish list and I’m way down the line on some of them. For instance, I’m in position 241 for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith and they estimate it will be 31 weeks before my wish is granted. You gotta be kidding me!


On a happier note, the wonderful Dale Herring interviewed me for his blog, The Geekdom of Gore. Some of the questions really made me think. I can’t thank him enough for promoting my short stories. Once the interview is posted, I’ll let you know. See, there’s the silver lining in an otherwise exasperating week.

  • yeah I have to be comfortable as well when I read. That’s why I like reading on my cell phone. When I was buying physical copies I’d only buy off ebay and find good deals by sellers selling several books in one auction.

    • M. Frye

      I usually look for bargains at Sam’s Club and I get coupons from Barnes and Noble. I’ve gotten deals online using coupon codes. I’m not paying full price for books, but still… I love to read and I read fast, that means my hobby can run into a lot of money.

  • I often have moments like. I ant to write and try to write but when I do very little comes from it.

    I too was once in the predicament when it came to paperbacks, then I discovered e-books and the fact I can read them from my phone or computer has weakened my bond to physical copies of books greatly. There are still instances where I will purchase a book, such as Dean Koontz I will always purchase physical copies of his work over e-books. But if availability is your problem I would suggest e-books.

    The interview should be posted in a day or two. Thanks for the link back I appreciate it.

    • M. Frye

      I’m thinking I’ll concentrate on the sequel to Fool’s Journey for a few days and take a break from my novel. Maybe some distance will help.

      My predicament with books is lack of money. I don’t have an e-reader and hate to sit at my computer to read a book. I want to get comfortable. I do have a few e-books and have read at the computer, it just isn’t my first choice.

      Thanks for stopping by.