5 Real Books in the Tardis Library #doctorwho

Nerd AlertSo, how are you liking Peter Capaldi’s interpretation of The Doctor? I’ll admit, it took me a bit to warm up to him. I’ve enjoyed Clara’s arc though, and Capaldi is growing on me.

Anyway, a while back I shared titles of some fictional books that are in the Tardis library. Today I’d like to introduce you to a few titles on the Tardis book shelves that are also in our non-fictional world. This is just a taste of what that hallowed library holds.

  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: first published in 1843 by Chapman and Hall.

    During an 1869 reading of his book, Dickens is interrupted by a Gelth-possessed corpse. Charles Dickens, the Doctor and Rose Tyler team up as corpses stalk the streets of Victorian Cardiff. The Unquiet Dead.

    The Unquiet Dead: Season 1, Episode 3. First aired: 9 April 2005. Ninth Doctor portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.
  • Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie: first published 1935 by Collins. The Doctor owned an edition published in the year five billion.

    With a 1920s dinner party turning into a murder mystery, The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie on the eve of her publicized disappearance. Was a giant alien wasp to blame? The Unicorn and the Wasp.

    The Unicorn and the Wasp: Season 4, Episode 7. First aired: 17 May 2008. Tenth Doctor portrayed by David Tennant.
  • Tardis

  • Doctor in the House by Richard Gordon: first published 1952 by Joseph. The Doctor picked up a discarded copy of the novel in Mrs. Smith’s boarding house.

    The Doctor and Ace are caught up in a fierce battle on Earth between two violently opposing factions of Daleks, who will stop at nothing to destroy one another. Remembrance of the Daleks.

    The classic series. Remembrance of the Daleks: Season 25, Episodes 1-4. First aired: 5, 12, 19, 26 October 1988. Seventh Doctor portrayed by Sylvester McCoy.
  • The Doctor’s Dilemma by George Bernard Shaw: first published 1906. The Doctor read Shaw’s play as he and Mel waited to be served in the milk bar that Ace was working in.

    Beneath the shops and cafes of Iceworld lives Kane, seeking the secret of the dragonfire. Dragonfire

    The classic serices. Dragonfire: Season 24, Episodes 12-14. First aired: 23, 30 November 1987; 7 December 1987. Seventh Doctor portrayed by Sylvester McCoy.
  • Gutenberg Bible: The first major book produced from movable type on a printing press. Count Scarlioni funded his time-travel experiments by selling several original copies.

    As the Doctor shows Romana around Paris they become aware of a time distortion. City of Death

    The classic series. City of Death: Season 17, Episodes 5-8. First aired: 29 September 1979; 6, 13, 20 October 1979. Fourth Doctor portrayed by Tom Baker.

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