2013 Ozark Creative Writers Conference

Three weeks. The Ozark Creative Writers Conference begins three weeks from today. Last year I was new to the conference experience and this year I’m looking forward to visiting with the folks I met a year ago (I’ve been in touch with several of them), I’ve put my work before the judges in two of this year’s contests (Poetry) and I’ve co-sponsored a contest. What a difference a year makes!

As I prepare to join my fellow writers, it occurs to me I’m a different person. I know what to expect and am making plans accordingly. My confidence is higher about my craft and my place in the writing world. I’m not nervous about meeting people because I’m already acquainted with several expected attendees. So, although I’ve been to this conference before, this will be a new experience for me.

I plan to embrace the experience and grow even more. Will you be in Eureka Springs October 10-12?

I thought August would be tough for me because it marks the 2nd anniversary of my father’s death. I was wrong. His birthday is October 12th and one of the reasons I went to last year’s conference was to distract myself. I’ll do the same this year. It seems I do things backwards. I mourn for my father’s loss at a time when I should be celebrating his birth, for without him I would not be here. Of course, my birthday is just a few days before his. Maybe I’m mourning getting older myself. Ha!

No. I’ve never minded the aging process and I thank God for each day. I also thank him for my father. Despite our rocky relationship, I loved him and miss him every day. I think he would be happy that I’m doing something I love.